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The stakes are high. In 2023, for the first time in history, disruptive technologies have risen to become one of the top three concerns of CEOs worldwide. Software, once a core competency exclusive to tech companies, has now become an essential competitive advantage across most industries, including healthcare, insurance, logistics, and agriculture.

Crossroads of Innovation

Disruptive Technologies' Rise to Global Strategic Imperative

The role of a CEOs and company founders is evolving, blurring the fine line between strategic visionaries and chief technologists of their companies. This transformation is challenging, and we empower executives and entrepreneurs to master this shift. With over two decades of pioneering in disruptive technologies, we've uncovered the linchpin of accelerated growth: The seamless fusion of business blueprint and software strategy — your gateway to quantum success.

Fading Boundaries

The Convergence of Strategy and Technology in Leadership

As software products and services becomes the heart of competitive differentiation, traditional instruments for financial performance optimization no longer yield satisfactory results. The R&D or the software development organization, once seen merely as a cost center, is now a market differentiator. We advise our customers on how to navigate the digital age, ensuring that this area represents an opportunity rather than a risk.

From Cost Center to Market Leader

Reimagining R&D AND SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT in the Digital Age

Boards, investors, and company owners have become less tolerant of excuses stemming from economic and political uncertainty; they crave impact. Our mission is to help our customers maximize their impact and stay relevant in their markets. Therefore, we have designed our service portfolio to balance short-term ROI with long-term profitability.

Craving Impact

Solidify Your Strategic Advantage

We are not just advisors. We bring also a wealth of experience as interim managers, guiding companies through operational challenges, and solidifying the seamless execution of their strategies. We have made problem solving our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

Interim Leadership

Navigating Change, Crafting Solutions

Enthusiastic customers and perfect-fit talents have always been the focus of any software-centered business. The market is changing, and digital sales strategies and digital recruiting are disrupting traditional approaches. Many companies wish to leverage this advantage but need to maintain a razor-sharp focus on their core competencies. To catalyze our customers' success, we have incorporated Digital Sales as a Service and Digital Recruiting as a Service into our service portfolio.

Revolutionizing Engagement

Mastering Digital Dynamics for Customer and Talent Success

Start an impactful idea exchange with us. Join us on a path to solidify your competitive advantage and secure your position in the market.


We Make Your Tech or Digital Business a Success

Wherever you are in your journey, we're there: navigating, accelerating, or transforming your tech or digital business.

Tech growth is our DNA. Thrive with us.

The Powerful Trio Every Successful Business Needs

More customers? Irresisible products? Perfect-fit talents? We meet you where you are.

Tech growth is our DNA. Thrive with us.

Our Success Stories

Revenue Doubled

Secured nearly $1B in revenue with an innovative product portfolio for connected vehicles and smart cities, including software products, digital services, and electronic devices.

Curious about our success stories or case studies? Schedule an appointment according to your prefered time and uncover the strategies behind our notable achievements, such as:

New Revenue Stream with AI

Launched a digital strategy for a new AI-based revenue stream, leading the implementation and rollout of AI digital products and services, culminating in tangible business benefits.

7x Customer Base Growth

Expanded Customer Base: Grew key B2B customers from 1 to 7 by establishing technical sales, optimizing RFQ processes, and strengthening the team communication.

30 Days to Perfect-Fit Talents

Success through our unique interdisciplinary strategy - merging efficiency, cost awareness, access to a broader candidate pool, and keen red flag detection during the hiring process; reaching enhanced client employer branding.

No.1 Digital Platform

Established a client's digital business, including software development capabilities, which became the leading platform in their industry in the GCC in just one year.

Sustainability & Blockchain

Co-leading the development activities of a sustainability platform, merging the blockchain's trustworthiness with AI's intelligence for remarkable efficiencies.

Billing Accuracy Transformation

Streamlined and digitalized a client's operations, addressing their foremost challenge - billing accuracy. Evaluated and selected ERP/CRM tool, building the tool landscape for strategic alignment.

Intellectual Property Strategy

Established a comprehensive strategy to unleash IPs, aligning seamlessly with business objectives and resulting in a significant increase in patents through dedicated change management and governance.

Software Supplier Management

Secured savings in the tens of millions USD by refining development approach to cut redundancy, avoid re-work, ensuring an effective Statement of Work and cultivating trust-based relations with software suppliers.

R&D Efficiency & Effectivity Boost

Achieved a notable reduction in the R&D quota (sales vs development costs) from 14% to 7%, substantially increasing profits and aligning with the industry benchmark of 6-8%.

Project Turnaround

Reached project portfolio turnaround by implementing a stage gate model in software development, achieving a project delivery KPI of 98 out of 100 for the entire project portfolio.

Reusable Software Platforms

Converted tech debt into reusable, modular, scalable, and configurable SaaS platforms. Applied risk management, revamped core competency and adopted an iterative, and cost-conscious approach to refactoring.

BOT for Accelerated Growth

Established a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model to fuel clients' rapid growth and broaden their software development capabilities.

Technical Due Dilligence

Led the technical evaluation for merger and acquisition opportunities, providing critical insights and guide strategic decisions and identify potential synergies and risks.

Strategic Cooperations

Catalyzed competitive advantages by establishing strategic cooperations for clients, crafting alliances that drive mutual growth and innovation.