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Erich is a transformative leader in the realms of manufacturing and logistics, spearheading sustainable growth and operational excellence. His journey from a quality expert to a seasoned manager and client advisor encapsulates his dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering exceptional outcomes.

Starting in the trenches of manufacturing and logistics, Erich has consistently led the charge in adopting and innovating technologies aimed at enhancing process efficiencies, quality control, and problem-solving methodologies. His proactive approach to navigating peak production challenges, coupled with a keen eye for process improvement, has solidified his reputation as a catalyst for positive change.

Meet Erich Steinhuebel


However, he early recognized the pivotal role of digital marketing and digital sales in securing a competitive edge—a fact that marked a significant pivot in his career. Transitioning from operational leadership to digital strategy, Erich has adeptly embraced digital marketing and sales, focusing his expertise on digital recruiting and customer acquisition services.

Today, as a trusted advisory partner, Erich offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to guide companies through the digital era's intricacies. His unique blend of operational excellence and digital acumen provides businesses with the strategies needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving marketplace, ensuring they remain ahead of the curve in talent acquisition and customer engagement.


Ø 2022-today Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer T.E.C.K.Y

Ø 2003-2022 Head of Production | Head of Logistics

Ø 1996-2012 Co-Founder Request The Best (Custom Software Development)


Ø 2000 Technical Business Economist

Ø 1986-1987 Car Mechanic

Ø 1996-2012 Car Mechanic | System tester | Quality Expert