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Manuela is a strategic-transformational C-Level executive with an impressive track record of driving innovation and growth.

Having started as a software developer, Manuela has always been at the forefront of disruptive technologies. Throughout her career, she has rolled out innovative products in areas such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, IoT, software defined vehicles, and internet of vehicles. Nevertheless, Manuela's ability to fuse innovative technologies with business growth has earned her a reputation as an industry leader.

As an advisory partner and interim manager Manuela helps companies to navigate through the challenges of the digital age. She provides companies with a unique perspective on how to leverage strategy, technology, and organizational dynamics to drive profitable growth. Her "profitable growth blueprint" guides tech and digital companies not only to reach, but also to sustain their competitive edge.

Meet Manuela-Bianca Steinhuebel



Ø 2018-2023 Group CEO XA Group | Group CTO JOYNEXT

Ø 2012-2017 Head of Innovations | Project Management | Connectivity

Ø 1996-2012 Founder & CEO Request The Best (Custom Software Development)


Ø 1989-1994 Dipl-Ing. Electronics

Ø 1995-1996 AI | Neural Networks


Ø Germany’s Innovation Leader 2019

Ø Excellent Development Supplier FAW-Volkswagen 2018

Ø Best Software Product for the China Software Industry 2020

Manuela's empowered teams to thrive and receive numerous awards as the following:

Ø Crystal Ball Award for Autonomous Connectivity 2021

Ø Golden Ball Award for Smart Cockpit 2022

Ø Best supplier of Changan Ford 2020

Outstanding Tech Leadership Award 2023

Successfully Delivered Customer Projects